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Wednesday, 4 January, 2023

Competition Introduction

Health studies document the increase in stress and greater prevalence of some mental disorders in the cities. The constant interaction of urban life is leading to psychological problems.

Research shows that even a brief interaction with nature has mental healing benefits. Natural features in the cities are a necessity, features that enhance human health. House needs to be homely and more alive; home needs to be a structure that can ‘BREATHE’. Cities depend on a healthy environment for proper functioning. Cities need to incorporate nature to bring a positive effect on mental health which can be achieved by interaction with nature.

“Biophilic design is about the value of the embodied beauty of nature that we can bring to our everyday lives, we can create an identity, a sense of belonging and well-being.”
-Matthias Olt

To understand the healing potential of design inspired by nature.

• To address the issues of the degrading relationship between nature and humans leading to mental illnesses such as stress and depression
• Enhancing mental healing and recovery.

Design Program:
A Biophilic Residence that responds to the dense concrete fabric of the city.