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Sunday, 30 June, 2024

Competition Introduction

Welcome to the third edition of the Sensory Museum Design Competition, meticulously organized by Archiol Competitions. In our ever-evolving world, the impact of architecture on our experiences and perceptions has never held such profound significance. The Sensory Museum 2024 Architecture Design Competition invites creative visionaries from across the globe to embark on a remarkable journey, exploring the profound influence of architectural design on human psychology. This competition challenges participants to envision a museum that transcends the conventional role of artefact repository, instead becoming a transformative odyssey for the soul, all achieved through the ingenious use of sensory architecture.

Amidst a world characterized by relentless technological advancements and unyielding urbanization, this competition serves as a call to action, urging participants to push the boundaries of conventional architectural design. We extend an invitation for you to craft an environment that does more than engage the senses; it awakens emotions and gracefully guides visitors towards a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between architecture and the human psyche.

The Archiol's Sensory Museum 2024 Architecture Design Competition is an opportunity to embark on a creative journey that defies the confines of traditional museum design. We eagerly await the submission of innovative, thought-provoking, and sensory-rich architectural concepts that redefine the very essence of the connection between architecture and the human psyche. In your creative endeavours, you possess the power to contribute to a more profound understanding of how sensory architecture influences human psychology. Join us in this exploration and celebration of architectural innovation.


Detailed Competition Brief

The brief can be downloaded as often as required. It contains all the information about this competition; no additional information will be provided after registration.