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Sunday, 30 April, 2023

Competition Introduction

Archiol has organized this second edition of the Aural Architecture design competition to understand the possibilities of spaces designed with the help of sound.

"When I see architecture that moves me, I hear music in my inner ear.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

This competition encourages using the sense of sound to design architectural space, depicting emotions and humanising the habitable volume encompassed by walls. Use your auditory sense to develop abstract architectural space which exhibits an emotion of itself.

Download the music pieces from here:

The process of designing is as follows:
1. Listen to the music pieces.
2. Select any one of the four music pieces.
3. Analyze the music and understand the emotion.
4. Word those emotions to further translate it into architectural space.
5. It could be any type of structure or installation
6. Be able to encompass a volume that depicts your understanding of the emotion in the music.

“I’ve seen miracles happen with sound.”
– Tom Kenyon

Design an abstract architectural space influenced by sound.

Keywords: Aural, Music, Architectural Space
Aural: relating to ear or sense of hearing.
Music: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion..
Architectural Space: Space expresses something invisible and intangible to the design in terms of shape, colours & material.

“To hear a sound is to see a space.”
– Louis I Kahn.