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We are thrilled to announce the results of the Archiol Minimal Dwelling Design Competition, the first edition of its kind, aimed at exploring the profound possibilities of minimalism in residential design. In a world dominated by the relentless pace of digital progress and the ceaseless pursuit of material possessions, minimalism emerges as a beacon of simplicity and purpose.

Minimalism in architecture is a philosophy that liberates us from the visual noise and clutter that extravagant designs often impose on our living spaces. At its core, it seeks to promote the appreciation of space, fostering an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity for those who inhabit these spaces. The Minimal Dwelling, in particular, invites us to explore the boundaries of simplicity and to rediscover the essence of what it means to call a place 'home.'

This competition was conceived with the aspiration of unravelling the profound truth embodied in the phrase "Less is more." It challenged participants to embark on an extraordinary journey of experimentation, to conceive and craft the most simplistic architectural designs capable of providing a dignified and comfortable living experience.

The response to this competition has been remarkable, with talented individuals from around the world contributing their creative interpretations of minimalism in residential design.

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