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HOME 2123



Home 2123 has been a remarkable endeavor, inviting architects and designers from around the world to delve into the realm of speculation and envision the concept of home in the year 2123. As we stand on the cusp of the future, propelled by technological advancements, mindful of environmental concerns, and responsive to evolving social dynamics, the challenge to redefine our notion of home becomes both imperative and exhilarating.

Throughout this competition, participants have been encouraged to push the boundaries of imagination and innovation, while grappling with the complexities and opportunities of the 22nd century. The "Home 2123" Architecture Design Competition has challenged them to integrate advanced technologies, embrace environmental sustainability, prioritize adaptability and community, and prioritize human well-being in their designs.

Today, as we celebrate the culmination of their tireless efforts and creative endeavors, we anticipate witnessing the transformative power of their visionary ideas. Each submission has the potential to shape the very fabric of our future homes, influencing generations to come.

To all the participants, we extend our deepest appreciation for your dedication, passion, and ingenuity. Your contributions have enriched this competition, inspiring us all with your bold visions and innovative solutions. We are immensely grateful for your commitment to shaping the future of residential architecture.

As we eagerly await the announcement of the results, let us embrace the spirit of collaboration and celebration. Together, let us honor the remarkable achievements of our participants and reaffirm our collective commitment to advancing the frontiers of architectural excellence.

Top 3


Tania Powers & Araya Gonzalez



Yuanjie Kong, Jieruo Zhang, Ruijie Yan & Kevin Cristopher He Lan



Veronica Dominguez & Marcson Tanis




The Cymatic Sanctum

Tania Powers & Araya Gonzalez



"The Cymatic Sanctum" seamlessly integrates technological innovation, sustainability, and sensory connection in a remarkably inventive manner. Harnessing the principles of cymatics to inform its design, the house ingeniously employs sound to dynamically mold the living space, promising a distinctive and immersive residential experience.

-Antonella Marzi