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History of Architecture Essay 2023 Result Announcement

© Yu ZHANG, Rui MA, Shiyu HE & Fan YU

The 2023 edition of Archiol's History of Architecture Essay Competition embarked on a mission: to unveil, investigate, and celebrate the diverse and captivating tales of temple architecture from around the globe. It was a call to scholars, students, and enthusiasts to delve into the past, to connect with stories of divinity, culture, power, and architectural innovation. The overwhelming response we received was a testament to the enduring allure and significance of temples in our shared architectural narrative.

As we curated the myriad of essays submitted, we were reminded of the vastness of human creativity and the depths of our spiritual endeavors. These essays were not just narratives of stones and beams; they were stories of societies, their values, challenges, and triumphs. They depicted the role of architecture as a confluence of art, faith, geography, politics, and innovation.

The winning entries, which we proudly present in this collection, distinguished themselves not only for their factual accuracy but for their passionate storytelling, insightful analyses, and the ability to transport the reader across time and space. They serve as a reminder of the potency of written words when combined with architectural wonders.

To every participant of the competition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your narratives have enriched our understanding and have furthered the cause of architectural appreciation and study. To the readers, we hope these essays will inspire in you a renewed reverence for temple architecture and the myriad tales they hold within their walls.

May these essays be not an end but a beginning – of curiosity, of exploration, and of a lifelong journey through the annals of architecture.

Top 3 Winners:

First Place:

  • Yu ZHANG, Rui MA, Shiyu HE & Fan YU

  • Country: China

Second Place:

  • Vanda Trifunović

  • Country: Croatia

Third Place:

  • Treshe Singh, Prisha Agarwal, Saachi Thaware Devanga Phukan

  • Country: India

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who contributed to making this competition a resounding success.

Check the complete results by clicking the link below:

Warm regards,

Team archiol


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