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Building Material Essay 2023 Result Announcement

© Athulya Ann Aby

We are delighted to bring you the long-awaited results of the Archiol Building Material Essay Competition. This competition was conceived with a noble purpose – to unravel the rich tapestry of building materials used in architecture. We aimed to delve into their origins, explore their durability, and understand their influence on architectural form and function. Through this endeavor, we sought to celebrate the intrinsic value of these materials and honor the architects, builders, and visionaries who wield them to shape our built environment.

The response to this competition has been nothing short of remarkable. We received a diverse array of insightful essays that showcased a deep understanding of the multifaceted world of building materials. Participants from all corners of the globe demonstrated their passion for architecture and their commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. The diversity of perspectives and the depth of research were truly inspiring.

Today, as we unveil the results, let us remember that this competition is not just about winners and losers. It is a celebration of the enduring curiosity that drives us to explore, learn, and innovate. It is a testament to the power of collective wisdom and the boundless potential of architecture to shape a better world.

Top 3 Essays:

1. First Place:

  • Ankita Patanwadia

  • Country: India

2. Second Place:

  • Athulya Aby

  • Country: India

3. Third Place:

  • Pinru Zhu, Jun Zhao

  • Country: U.S.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners, and our sincere appreciation to all participants for contributing to the success of this competition. The quality of submissions made the judging process challenging, reflecting the high caliber of talent and dedication within our global architectural community.

Congratulations to all the participants, and a special acknowledgment to the visionary teams behind the top three designs!

Check the complete results by clicking the link below:

Warm regards,

Team archiol


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