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Sensory Museum


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Friday, 31 December, 2021

Competition Introduction

Sensory Museum Design is an International design competition organized by artuminate | archiol.

This competition topic aims to understand sensory architecture; by exploring different types of architectural spaces and their effect on human senses.

Our senses are affected by every interaction of architecture, from the fear of walking down a dark, dingy corridor to the happiness one feels in an open courtyard filled with the fresh fruity fragrance of freesia. From walking barefoot on the wet grass to walking barefoot on the cold, hard marble floor. From feeling small in a steely, voluminous hall to feeling like a giant in a cupboard below the staircase. The sound of a thud on the wooden floor to the voice echoing in the empty room. Our life experiences are partly guided by architecture. Therefore we could use the understanding of positive spaces and using them to resolve mental issues.

To understand how sensory architecture can resolve human mental issues and how architectural space can transform human senses?

Design Program:
Propose a museum that affects the human senses. Create spaces that positively impact humans.