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Notion of Space


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Sunday, 8 January, 2023

Competition Introduction

As exciting as it may seem, the hustle and bustle of city life get bitter and mundane with every passing day. With no new perspectives and exposure to the ever-increasing traffic, pollution, and an unstoppable, fast-paced life that runs on repeat mode.

Introducing a paradox in regular life can bring a change of perspective and a sense of joy and excitement. Artuminate launched the ‘Notion of Space’ competition aiming to explore the imagination of creative minds by providing a paradoxical break for city dwellers.

Artuminate challenges you to design a Paradoxical Installation in the city.

“The impossibility of questioning the nature of space and at the same time experiencing a spatial praxis”
-Bernard Tschumi

To understand the importance of imagination in architecture.

To address the issues of the banality of city life and use paradoxical architecture to add excitement to everyday mundane life.

Design Program:
An Experiential – Paradoxical Installation Design