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Tuesday, 31 October, 2023

Competition Introduction

Welcome to the Bohemian Hostel Architecture Design Competition! This competition aims to challenge architects and designers to create an innovative and inspiring architectural design for a new Bohemian-themed hostel. The hostel should embody the free-spirited, artistic, and unconventional spirit associated with the Bohemian lifestyle. We invite participants to showcase their creativity, while also considering practicality, sustainability, and functionality in their designs.

Competition Objectives:
1. Design a Bohemian-themed hostel that reflects the essence of the Bohemian lifestyle, characterized by artistic expression, individuality, and a sense of community.
2. Create an inclusive and inviting environment that encourages social interaction, cultural exchange, and collaboration among guests.
3. Integrate sustainable design principles and practices to minimize environmental impact and promote eco-consciousness.
4. Ensure the hostel design provides a comfortable and functional living space, offering a variety of room types and shared facilities that meet the needs of diverse travelers.
5. Consider the historical and cultural context of the location to create a design that harmonizes with the surrounding environment.
6. Incorporate innovative and creative solutions that enhance the overall guest experience and distinguish the hostel from traditional accommodation options.

• This competition is open to all.
• You can participate individually or as a team (Maximum 4 members in a team)