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We are thrilled to announce the results of the second edition of the Into the Rabbit Hole Design competition. Archiol organized this competition with the intention of breaking the banality of healing architecture designs and encouraging architects and designers to explore extreme possibilities in architectural design. Our goal was to challenge conventional thinking and explore the use of imagination to design spaces that can heal the human mind.
In a world where mental health issues have become increasingly prevalent, the need for innovative and imaginative solutions is more urgent than ever. Architects and designers play a crucial role in shaping the built environment, and it is our responsibility to contribute to the well-being of people through our creative endeavours.
The Into the Rabbit Hole Design competition was not about creating literal designs, but rather about pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and exploring new dimensions of architectural design. We encouraged participants to think outside the box and develop conceptual designs that went beyond conditioned norms. The challenge was to create a space, an underland, that could heal stressed living beings using geometry and volume as the primary tools of expression.
We were truly overwhelmed by the response to this competition, with submissions pouring in from all around the world. The creativity, innovation, and passion displayed by the participants were truly inspiring. The designs we received were nothing short of extraordinary, showcasing a deep understanding of the relationship between architecture and mental well-being.
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