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In the age of digital information, where every tidbit of knowledge is but a tap away, the tactile allure and profound impact of traditional libraries are often overlooked. Yet, the essence of a library transcends its physical form or the volumes it holds. It is a beacon of collective memory, a gathering space for minds, and a testament to humanity's insatiable quest for knowledge. In rural settings, where digital access might be limited and community bonds run deep, the library's role becomes even more significant.
Recognizing this unique dynamic, Archiol Competitions launched the inaugural edition of the Granthagara Library Design Competition in 2023. The challenge was both simple and monumental: to envision a library for rural landscapes, balancing local vernacular with contemporary design, and weaving together community aspirations with the timeless ethos of a knowledge hub.
The response was both heartening and awe-inspiring. Entries poured in from all corners, each shedding light on the myriad possibilities of rural library design. From designs that echoed the rhythm of agrarian landscapes to those that employed cutting-edge sustainable technologies, from layouts prioritizing community gatherings to those focusing on individual introspection – the range and depth were truly commendable.
The winners, whose exemplary designs are showcased in this collection, are a blend of innovation, sensitivity, practicality, and vision. Their projects are not just structures but dialogues – with the land, the community, and the very essence of what a library signifies.
We are profoundly grateful to each participant, for with their designs, they've underscored the enduring importance of libraries, even in an age of rapid digital transformation. Their creations remind us that knowledge, while universal, is also deeply local, rooted in the tales, memories, and aspirations of a community.
To our readers, as you peruse through these designs, we hope you're reminded of the magic of libraries – of quiet corners, rustling pages, and the worlds that await between the covers of a book.
In closing, we believe the Granthagara Library Design Competition is not just an architectural endeavor, but a reaffirmation of our commitment to knowledge, community, and the timeless dance between the two.

Top 3


Berkay Kadakal, Tolga Kaya, Beyza Nur Öncel



Jun Lyu, Shiyu Yu, Minghao Xu, Peng Peng



Adwait Ambekar, Neha Malani, Navya Malu




Halfetı Communıty Lıbrary

Berkay Kadakal, Tolga Kaya, Beyza Nur Öncel